Redefining Healthy

I can’t believe I’ve stepped away from this blog for nearly two years! There are plenty of excuses I could try to employ, rightly or wrongly, but if I’m honest with myself, I haven’t felt my healthiest. I have not felt connected to or like I could claim this moniker (one healthy ritz) as I’ve really struggled to get back to my normal weight post baby #2.

There are things you know intellectually and how you feel in your heart, right? Intellectually I know that what’s most important is doing the work. The actual focusing on eating healthy, working out, prioritizing sleep, and just giving yourself a damn break sometimes. However, there’s also feeling disconnected from the person you see in the mirror and the judgements you may impose on yourself (that you’d never inflict on a friend) as a result.

I also know that it’s not about the weight. Right? It’s important but it’s a symptom or reflection of what’s been going on in my life the past few years. I had a baby, yes, but I also had a hella stressful AF journey back to work, school, and life as a mama of two. I’ve dealt with anxiety, some dark days, and spent a lot of time reconnecting and redefining the person I want to be and what I want for this next stage of life. I’m spending this next year focusing on the healthy actions knowing the healthy results will come in due time.

Okay, enough of that. Some things I’m loving the hell out of right now:

  1. Peloton Digital App - omg, Peloton. I am IN LOVE and it’s the only form of exercise that excites me right now. I strongly considered getting the bike after seeing the incessant commercials and wanting another at-home workout option. I was all but sold when I visited a Peloton pop-up store while on vacation in Florida. I was able to actually ride the bike and the associate broke down their whole ecosystem. However, the price… oh the price. I just couldn’t do it. Mainly, the price of the membership was a deal breaker. How is it an additional $39/month on top of the major coin you have to drop on the bike? I couldn’t do it.

    Enter the Peloton Digital app. So, I researched what it would cost to get a different indoor cycling bike and just use their app. I landed on buying the Spinner L9 bike (under $900 all told including tax, shipping and the bike “computer”) and paying $19.49/month to use the Peloton app. There are certainly considerations and certain things you lose by not having the bike. But you know what you don’t lose? $2,500 plus $39/month! I’ll write a full review and include a pic of my setup in another post.

  2. Personal finance - Reading, listening, learning all things personal finance has been a major focus this year. I’ve always been interested in personal finance (hello, finance nerd here), but this year I’ve went down the rabbit hole for real. Whether it’s learning about real estate investing (loving the Biggest Pockets podcast) or becoming a general money-making badass (Stacking Benjamins and Afford Anything), I’ve been soaking up everything I can.

  3. Doctor’s Farmacy podcast - This podcast is hosted by Dr. Mark Hyman. He’s a physician specializing in functional medicine and he talks about the issues impacting our health and food system. This includes structural issues like the way the wrong foods are subsidized, the all too cozy relationship between our government and big agro, as well as the way food marketing affects the choices we make and what’s made available to us.