Do you ‘cast? Top 3 Favorite Health Podcasts

I LOVE podcasts! They make my daily commute completely bearable (I can’t deal with the rotation of what seems like 10 songs on the radio) and give me something different to listen to while I’m at the gym. What’s not to enjoy about listening to interesting, funny, and educational topics while going through your daily tasks? It’s talk radio but better and on your schedule. Sold? I hope so. To help convince you to come onto the ‘cast side, below are some of my favorite health related podcasts.


The Model Health Show with Shawn Stevenson

Shawn has a gift for relaying complicated health concepts in a way that is uber easy to understand and gets you excited to take the lead in ensuring your own health. As someone who took charge of his own health to reverse what was said to be an irreversible spinal condition, you can feel his passion for spreading the message that YOU can and do play a leading role in making yourself sick or healthy. Shawn is also an expert on the importance of sleep and has left me vindicated in my grandma sleep status. He has a new book “Sleep Smarter” dropping soon that I can’t wait to read (or listen to – yay, Audible).

SANE Show with Jonathan Bailor

Jonathan Bailor is the author of “The Calorie Myth” and focuses on the importance of eating SANE foods for optimal health. What makes a food SANE? Sane is an acronym for foods that are high in Satiety (keeps you fuller, longer), non-Aggressive (don’t hijack your blood sugar), Nutritious (no explanation needed there), and inEfficient (meaning they are not easily converted to fat). This translates to foods that are high in water and fiber (sounds like vegetables to me) as well as meat, fruit, nuts, and whole food fats. There is so much conflicting information when it comes to what to eat, but I love Jonathan’s simple, less is more approach to healthy eating and exercise.

Ben Greenfield Fitness

If you want to geek out on all things fitness and human physiology, Ben is your guide. He is an accomplished triathlete, trainer, fitness daredevil with an educational background in sport science. He basically knows his stuff and you can tell he eat, sleeps, breathes what he’s talking about. Ben truly shines when it comes to explaining just how the body works and how to optimize your function today and well into old age. I wouldn’t necessarily start your health and fitness journey with Ben, but if you’re ready for some “advanced study,” this is a great place to look.

Do you listen to any podcasts? What is your favorite podcast app? I love Overcast. Share your favorite podcasts and apps in the comments!