Abundance versus Scarcity

I recently finished reading (can you still call it reading when it’s an audiobook? I vote yes) the book Abundance Now by Lisa Nichols. She is an amazing motivational speaker, entrepreneur, CEO, superwoman that I was introduced to on Lewis Howes’ podcast (School of Greatness). In the book she tackles how to change your thinking from a stifling, scarcity mindset to an expansive, abundance oriented one. What does that mean? A scarcity mindset is focused on what’s lacking and believes that if someone achieves something, there is inherently less available for anyone else. This person sees life as having a fixed amount of resources and it’s up to everyone to get their share before it’s gone.

This is juxtaposed to an abundance mindset that focuses on possibilities. A person with this mindset does not believe resources are fixed and, instead, believes that opportunities and resources can be created. As Lisa puts it, abundance is that state of having your cup so full it overflows into your saucer. You can sustain yourself from that cup and easily offer aid to others from your saucer. 


You can imagine how either mindset could completely influence your world view and how you approach life’s challenges and setbacks. It’s been a focus of mine to shift towards an abundance mindset in all aspects of my life. It’s definitely been a process and something that’s been building over time but I feel progress every day. How is that?

I make a conscious effort to stay in an abundance state of mind. To me that means reminding myself that there is more than enough success, love, money, etc. to go around. I remind myself that someone getting something, does not mean that there is suddenly less for me. If anything, there is more for me. Now, I can physically see that possibility which makes it even more likely that I can achieve it.

The other piece of that is, “why not me?” That’s a big mindset shift. Her book helped solidify this feeling that success, ‘abundance’, being impactful to the world is not something for a precious few. Why not me? It’s completely possible for me (and this means you too). It is happening for me. I can and will manifest that.

The last piece is that I don’t need to prove anything to anyone. I can and should be 100% authentically me with no attachment to how anyone reacts to that. Their reaction is not about me, it’s about them. I am the one who needs to accept myself, love myself and be proud of myself whole-heartedly at the end of each day. There is a difference between this and the false armor that is “I don’t care about what anyone thinks.” That is false and if it were true, it would kill any opportunity to truly connect with anyone. It’s about knowing who really matters to you. Whose opinion truly matters? That list should be deservingly scant and that in turn makes it easy to parse through the opinions of the  many others who may try to define you. “The definitions belong to the definers and not the defined” as Brene Brown quotes Toni Morrison in her book Rising Strong

The bottom line is that your thoughts are so powerful in determining just where you will go in life.  

If you haven’t heard Lisa Nichols’ story, definitely check out her book and her appearance Lewis Howes’ School of Greatness podcast.